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*ping*ping*ping*ping* / May 16, 2006

Boohiss. I was thinking of going to MoCCA this year, but it turns out it’s the same weekend as my Texas trip.
So, last night, I found out that, despite my best efforts, the magnets in my stereo speakers have been affecting the screen on my TV. (It became apparent, when I removed the speaker, and the picture went to hell). I then proceeded to somehow snap the pin off my admittedly beat-to-hell power adapter for my laptop. When I fell asleep talking on the phone, I bent the frames on my glasses. And after being woken up by a redundant request for information from a minor client, I noticed my cat was bleeding.
But for some warped reason, I was in a fairly good mood all day. In good cheer, and very mellow. If I had been depressed or down, this kind of day would have just wiped me out. As it was, aside from falling behind in work, it was the best day I’d had in a while. I ran to the Apple store first thing and picked up a new power adapter. (My conscience wouldn’t let me claim it as a warranty repair, since I had practically destroyed the thing previously). I took Pixel in to the vet, and she had, as I suspected, another ruptured anal gland. (Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is). My glasses were fixed with a pair of pliers. And the TV righted itself overnight.
Life balances out. Well… except for my checkbook, which took a more than substantial hit.

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