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color / July 12, 2006

Indri sent me this picture the other day. Not bad at first look. But the more I looked, the more I liked about it. The lighting and the colors are at the same time subtle and bold. This pile of comfortable, bohemian fabrics across the bottom of the image–which is pure “Indri”–is balanced against the tall, empty vertical elements of the architecture, which is pure NYC.
Doesn’t hurt that Indri‘s cute, either.
Speaking of disturbingly-cute, little women, Nguyet participated in her first art show, this past weekend. She has 2 pieces hanging at the MoCA gallery in Georgetown, for the next month, I think. And her work was considerably better than most of the pieces in the show, by both quality and artistic-ness.
Nothing exciting or new. Just working this week on a couple websites for clients. Neither of which did I get to design from scratch, so there’s only so much you can do. Work still seems a little slow. I could be doing something about that, I suppose.
Yeah… that’s all for now.

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