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I live in Washington, DC with 1 cat named Pixel, 6 cameras, 3 computers, 158 movies, 286 books, and 1 bowling pin. I own the Design Foundry and pretend to be a graphic designer by day.

Please keep in mind that this post is more than 3 years old. Opinions change. Tastes change. Everything changes. I may still agree with or like this, or I may not. But everything is kept up here for archival purposes.

My Year in Photos / January 1, 2007

I was thinking a couple weeks ago that my year had seemed pretty empty. That nothing much had happened. But for some reason, while thinking this, I started looking through my photo archives. And ya know, the pictures kind of contradicted what I was thinking. I didn’t win an election or anything, but my year was pretty full. And it was all pretty good*. A surprising number of the photos were of friends and family. Made me all the more grateful for both.
So I decided to put together a collection of photos from the last year. There were no hard and fast rules for inclusion. Some of the images are visually attractive. Some are meaningful to me. Some are important events to me. Some are important people and some are fun. Blah, blah, blah.
2006: My Year in Photos
It’s an automated slideshow, so you can just sit back and watch.
*The whole health issue would seem to contradict the “good year” thing. But surprising even myself, when I thought about it, I couldn’t justify calling it “bad”. Inconvenient. Stressful. Certainly wouldn’t want to repeat it. But like the condition itself, it was all pure dumb, blind, bad luck. Now DC’s Medicaid department on the other hand…
Is this all concieted? Sure. But journals exist to express yourself…. so live with it or move on.

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