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furniture / November 22, 2008

I stood in the doorway earlier this week and watched someone drive their Mini Cooper down the street with a full-sized couch strapped to the top. Almost hard to tell who was carrying who.
I was waiting for the delivery of my new bed. It’s such a hopelessly adult thing, waiting excitedly for a new bed. The bed is now here, delivered less than 24 hours after I ordered it. The mattress should arrive sometime next week.
I was quite happy with my old bed/couch. I’d been sleeping on it for 10 years, with no complaints. So everyone who wants to pick on it — which was everyone — can kiss my ass. But it has gotten had to ignore the realities of the occasional need to potentially share sleeping arrangements with other people. Most of the women who have stayed on the old futon had no public complaints, but…
There does seem to finally be something tangible going on in my life right now, (besides the obvious ‘trying to get hawt chicks into bed’). Let’s see where this goes.

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