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I live in Washington, DC with 1 cat named Pixel, 6 cameras, 3 computers, 158 movies, 286 books, and 1 bowling pin. I own the Design Foundry and pretend to be a graphic designer by day.

Please keep in mind that this post is more than 3 years old. Opinions change. Tastes change. Everything changes. I may still agree with or like this, or I may not. But everything is kept up here for archival purposes.

quotes / June 2, 2009

Finding oneself was a misnomer; a self is not found but made.

– Jacques Barzun

Photography is the embalmers craft. When I photograph something my camera kills it, and I must gently and with love restore it with the life I witnessed with my own eyes, so that others can see what I saw. To do less would be merely to exhibit a corpse.

– Clayton Cubitt

The greatest challenge to any thinker is stating the problem in a way that will allow a solution.

– Bertrand Russell

I always thought of photography as a naughty thing to do – that was one of my favorite things about it, and when I first did it, I felt very perverse.

– Diane Arbus

Mamihlapinatapai: a look shared by two people with each wishing that the other will initiate something that both desire but which neither one wants to start.


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