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Mo quoted last night, “Everyone is experiencing the worst thing in the history of the world.”

…Until you talk to someone else and find out what their worst thing is.

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This is one of those sets of images I come back to every so often, when I’ve learned new things. I try new things, see if I’m any better than I was, with my tools. Yeah I like this much better. But she was still pretty awesome to begin with.

CRW 4854 2

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Reworking some photos from the shannon shoot from a year or so back. Learning new things all the time, and realizing how questionable the old shots look. Some revamped images, and a couple new ones.
(Click for the whole set, duh)

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Playing with shots from the Shannon Shoot again. I really wanna do another shoot… who oh who can I ask?

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Shannon at halloween party
Another one of my favorite photos. This time, it’s Shannon, as taken at the halloween party thrown by Jeff, last year. I love the look on her face, and the hair being pulled up by the static electricity. I love the ominous balloon looming overhead, and the skeleton peeking over one shoulder. This night was my first real test of my external camera flash, and the lighting came out great, here. There’s detail and texture I never would have captured with just a fast lens. And I love it because it’s such a wonderful picture of a friend. Shannon so often goes blah in front of a camera, that I love it when she’s playing it up here.

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Singing Bowl

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