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High Heel Race 2010

Old Favorite

Continuing Adventures of Dragon*Con

But those are some of the points that floated to the surface, when I consider the whirlwind stew of crowds, panels, badges, Diet Cokes, swishy skirts, feathery hairpieces,…

D*Con Day 1

Meghan’s Surprise Party

Daria’s Birthday


Show photos

So I was recently in a photo show, at the Washington School of Photography. (I’m not a student, but it was an open call for entries). The theme…

surreal saturday night

fourth of july

later on my birthday…

(or see complete set here.)

2009 in Photos

I just posted my annual collection of photos, for 2009. (Yes… a little late). Same as always: It’s a collection of photos I took last year. The criteria…

Nguyet and Sarah’s Totally Awesome 80s Prom Themed Birthday Celebration

(Click image for full set)

Holiday-of-Your-Choice Party

Considering it was dark and I don’t like flashy-thingying people at parties, they came out fairly good. (click for more, obviously).

Thanksgiving at the Inverted Ark

(Click on any image for the whole set)

come one come all

zombieland. sunday. 3:10. mazza gallerie.

DC Shorts

Reminder: DC Shorts starts tonight. If you want to mooch off my free tickets, speak now or forever hold yourself. (Or … you know… buy your own tickets……

Zombie lurch


21st birthday party tonight. All the cool people will be there. you know you wanna!


Going camping in Maine in a couple months. Yay!