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Maryland Renaissance Fair

Since Antarctica at the Tortoise and Hare

Memorial Day at Lake Anna

Hiking Watkins Glenn State Park

Walk in Kenilworth Gardens

4th of July

Blaine Kern’s Mardis Gras World

New Orleans

Christmas Trees in DC

Skyline Drive

A tiny shelf

I was in a conversation with my friend Jeff, at a housewarming, last weekend. He was talking about painting his porch. But not just painting, because he can’t…

River Bend Park Hike

Ren Faire 2015

Dragon*Con 2015


“Obey God.” This is a phrase I hear from uber-religious people… friends, family, and strangers. But I don’t understand it. There is evil in the world. Bad things…

Sugarloaf Mountain

Since Antarctica

Father’s Day

I swear it was father’s day when I started trying to type this. But then… computers. My father really was a computer nerd. Of all the things he…

public art

2 possibilities

Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying. ― Arthur C. Clarke