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Andrew’s “Spaceship” Birthday Party

Eldridge’s Birthday



A few friends and I… Celebrating at Jeff’s house for Halloween. Wonderful night. Friends, good, costumes, drinks, dancing, …

So many awesome women in my life

Robin’s Getting Old

Carni-Vail / Housewarming

Stef’s 40th Every-Day-Is-Halloween Costume/Masquerade Birthday Bash

St Patrick’s Day party

Amanda’s Birthday Unicorn Carnival

Doug & Nguyet’s Open House

Shannon’s Birthday 2010

Friends and Places

Halloween at the HOLE

Summer Pool Rave

Why yes I do lead a quiet, monastic life of solitude, contemplation, and self-sacrifice. Why do you ask?


Spent my birthday at a party for a friend:

New Year’s Eve

Wine and Salty Meat

Nguyet’s Birthday

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The Remainders

They look way too pretty for a group of people who just drank their ass off, moon-bounced, and karaoked into the wee hours of the morning.