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I live in Washington, DC with 1 cat named Pixel, 6 cameras, 3 computers, 158 movies, 286 books, and 1 bowling pin. I own the Design Foundry and pretend to be a graphic designer by day.

Please keep in mind that this post is more than 3 years old. Opinions change. Tastes change. Everything changes. I may still agree with or like this, or I may not. But everything is kept up here for archival purposes.

motivational speakers / May 22, 2004

Not to mention, that every successful businessperson I’ve ever heard speak suggests, that once you’ve found your passion, You write down your goals and how you plan to achieve them.
You don’t have to like Trump as a person to see that he knows business. Something my last boss never quite grasped.
Though y personal taste in bazillionaires runs more towards Richard Branson of Virgin.

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