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I never expected anything normal at college. Everyone has seen Animal House, or some other cheesy frat/college/20something movie. In fact, I revel in the notion that I am far from normal. I find no greater comment than when people tell me I’m crazy.
But some things are just nuts.
Take my nickname for example. Sometime around my sophmore year, I aquired the nickname “Bitch”. This might be fine except for the fact I am a 6’3″, 180 lb. male. Hardly femanine. However, (thanks to Matt Williams) I will forever be known to many as a female dog.
Like I said, I love being abnormal. But a nickname like this does cause some strange situations:
Sam is walking down the walkway to class and thought he saw me ahead of him. So he yells out “Hey Bitch!”. Oops…not me. But suddenly a very annoyed stranger who is ready to fight. Needless to say, Sam doesnt talk to me until I get close enough to identify now.
I love to pick on Lea. Sweet, innocent girl. I was holding some money for her one day. I refused to give it back for a little while, when she started getting annoyed. So out of her mouth comes: “Gimme my money, Bitch!” (Can you say cheesy 70’s pimp lingo? I knew you could.)
Or try explaining to your female supervisor at work why someone just said “hey Bitch” as they walk past the two of you in the hall.
And every year, the freshman have the worst time. They are nervous to begin with, and someone then tells them to call this guy Bitch. Takes ’em weeks to get used to it. Personally, I refuse to tell them my real name.
I just know someday I’ll walk into a job interview for an executive position, only to be greeted by “Hey Bitch!”

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  1. Matt Williams

    Yeah, that’s right… Just remember how you got that name, you two-timing bitch! Shin was MY man, and you go and.. and… well, you know… Catch you later dude. 🙂

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