back again (and a sexy back if I do say so myself!)

but onto something more realistic.

I got a job! I got a job! I got a job! I got a job!

yes…. another miracle in the life of the terminally pessamistic. Worked for a few days at a design studio here in downtown DC. They hired me! Mucho nice people. And they’re givin me a chance when I dont think the first interview went too well.

*hint**hint* so give em lotsa business so I wont get laid off!

Still doesnt make me feel any better about the job search process. College never prepared me for reality. Companies were curt and even rude. And for some reason, all those close to me felt I should be doing something to make them happy, by moving here, or visiting there. But I chose to be conceited and do what was right for me. (Awful, aint I?) But considering the number of breakdowns I had in just that amount of time, Im glad I didnt do anything to make it last longer.

Now…. here we go again… I gotta find an apartment.

but anywayyyyssss…

like everyone else in thestates, I went home for Christmas. This of course means I once again reminded myself why I left home.

my family is nuts. either that, or they make me nuts. a little of both I think. We had a cheezy family party on the 26th, which is just a time for people who are related to get together and ignore each other, or try to show each other up. Meanwhile, my parents spend the week second guessing all the decisions Im makeing. I’ve been doing good so far, I think I’ll trust myself for a little while longer. I can hardly stand watching my parents lives anyways. They seem to be a long series of complaints about how unfair life is, meanwhile, they do nothing. Literally nothing. They work there less than enjoyable jobs, come home, eat, and go to sleep. I’ve seen each of them have a chance at a better life, and each of them let it fall away.

I cant live like that. I can barely watch someone else live like that. They do nothing, want nothing, give nothing, to make their lives meaningfull. I gotta do something with myself.

Yes, I do love my parents.