Ignorance is bliss?


Ignorance is annoying as hell.

Was talking with some friends the other day. Me, being oh so subtly sarcastic as I am, I was asking, since we always hear about Muslim terrorists, why dont we ever hear about Christian terrorists (ie. Timothy McVey).

After people stopped being offended that I would say such a thing, they really started swallowing their foot.

“But their religion is what causes them to be terrorists!”


“I dont understand why they’re so violent. They don’t get to watch violence on TV like us”


“You know what those people over there are like”


It’s amazing how many they‘s there appear to be in the world. And they’re always so much more deprived than us. And not quite as intelligent. They live in grass huts, with no indoor plumbing. They dont have cars or microwaves. They worship either Satan or a close relative of his.

How long is it gonna be before some people realize that there is no they. There is no them. There is no us.

There is only we.

And there will be no solving of any world problems until we all accept this simple fact.