dayuuuum its cold today.

yesterday, I walked home with my coat open… just emjoying the brisk air. But I woke up this morning to reports of a pending storm. With a possible 2-3 inches of snow. my first thought of course being; "Thats not a storm…. THIS is a storm!" (sorry, crocidile dundee flashback).

anyways… 12 hours later… we have 10 inches of snow on the ground. Needless to say this has effectively shut down DC.
(So why did I say it?) And while it isnt exactly he 3 feet my hometown just got, it’s still enough to make for some difficulties.

So Ive whiped out the russians, indians, and Zulus. What should I do now? Besides playing Civilization. Cant even check my email. Seems like my ISP got shut down by the storm.

Did I mention I broke my chair? Damn desk chair Second chair thats snapped off at the base, on me. You lean back one day and wake up finding yourself counting the holes in the ceiling tile. So Im waiting for Office Max to deliver a new chair. Id ordered a gray one, but got a message saying all they have in stock is a burgendy one. So I call back to okay the shipment

"Do you want to cancel the order, Sir?"



"So what do you want to do, Sir?"

"Now I may be wrong here, but as far as I can tell, theres only one other option."

"Oh, yeah…"

Am I the only one who thinks customer service reps are rejects from corrospondance schools?

I miss her. Three more months.

I look forward to the day I can wake up with her in my arms, and know she isnt going anywhere. (hey… any woman that sticks around after seeing me first thing in the morning is a keeper!)