When I was a kid, like 6 or 7, I wanted a watch. Just seemed like a kewl thing to have. Especially the big black plastic ones. But my parents had to be practical. I could have a watch once I learned to tell time. The nerve. I can remember staring at the kitchen clock trying to get the system. Which hand meant which.

Of course I eventually got it. Parents couldnt trick me. So they bought me my watch. I opened the package and looked at it. A brand new digital watch.

note the sarcasm here

But technology had its grip on me.

Just finished watching some show on ABC. Actually a thought provoking discussion too. Talking about wether humanities moral development has kept pace with his technological growth.

I think the easy answer is no.

Major changes have just been coming along too fast, far surpassing anything in known history. I I think we’e just scraped by. Two atomic assaults. Four world wars. Civil rioting every few decades. (by the way, if you havent kept track, its getting to be time again)

So the current revolution is computers. Granted, it was a slow-ass revolution. Theyve been working their way into our lives for 40 years now. But we’re at the stage now, where theres not a single thing other than simple human expression that isnt involved some way with computers. Look around you. Everything.

I mean, screw the Y2K hype. It might bankrupt a few small companies. And cause some general disorganization for a while. But come on. When my answering machine stops working, I dont think it will turn the 60 year old lady that lives next door into a cannible.

But technology is part of life. Period. The lengths some people will go to avoid this thought is amazing. I read a quote by Annie Defranco a while back where she said "I dont do computers. But it doesnt really matter, since I plan on dropping out of society soon." um…. huh. First of all… she’s a musician. Has she looked at musical equipment lately? from production to playback its all digital. And no one but no one in the US can avoid computers. Ted Kazynski… tech hater extrordinair…. infamous Uni-bomber…. do you think he ever realized those mail bombs were sorted by computers at the post office, and delivered in vehicles with built-in computers.

Of course, Im sure the irony that he was eventually nailed by modern technology and forensics didnt escape him.

Next on Jerry Springer: I want my equal rights as long as I dont have to deal with you!