Powerball is up again. Somewhere around 280,000,000 USD. And since it hit a hundred million, I’ve been playing.
Like a lot of people, I think about what I might do with all that money.There’s obvious things like paying myself out of debt, and getting a better place to live. Of course, you want to take care of your parents too. But with an estimated win after taxes of $70,000,000, that is gonna leave me with a lot of denero. And not a lot of ambition.
I’ve thought about going into business for myself. Who cares if you lose money when you have another 69, miliion in the bank. I don’t doubt I could live very comfortably off the interest alone for the rest of my life.
I had a more appealing idea recently. Well appealing to me anyway. Most people have noticed my interest in photography recently. The reasons for that are left to another post,, once I’ve had time to figure out what they are.
So I just wwant to drive around the country for a year or so. Taking pictures. That’s all. Imagine being able to do that without a care in the world.
This of course would be proceeded by a couple months of learning how to drive. When I can devote all ,y time to it, I’m sure it shouldn’t take long.
And I gotta find the perfect vehicle(s) for the (criss)cross country trip. Probably a convertable. Maybe a jeep cherokee.
In the long run, I might extend my travels to include the whole world. I’ll certianly want to travel internationally.
Don’t give me crap about wanting to do something productive with your life. Professionally, Designers have little direct influence on the course of human events anyway. I believe a person’s mere existance is the greatest impact they make on the world. Their interactions with the people n their lives (a la “It’s a Wonderful Life”).
My first job once I win will be to protect my ass anyway. I have no intention of turning in the ticket immediatly. First I get a new private phone number. A financial adviser. A secure place to stay. There will be a lot of people out there who hate or covet me just for the money.