God Gave U.S. ‘What We Deserve,’ Falwell Says
Satan called, Jerry. He says Timothy McViegh has already claimed you and Pat as ‘his bitches’.
Emotional Fucking Rape. That’s what it is, Jerry. And you’re spewing it like a prisoner watching the Playboy channel.
You have a capitive audience of 250 million people locally, who are scared and overwhelmed by the bloodiest single act ever commited on this continent. And you choose this moment to take advantage of 5000 mutilated bodies,… for political means?
These people are looking for anything to cling to. And when you saw them falling over themselves to embrace the Patriotic frenzy that is sweeping this country again, your response is, “I want some of that”.
So you gave them an even easier out. They don’t have to risk dying in some war that should never be fought. They only have to look at the neighbor and hate them. And not just one target, but a whole bunch of scapegoats; enough so that there’s someone for everyone to hate.
Homosexuals, femanists, pro-choicers (no… the term is not abortionists, Jerry)… they don’t want special treatment from this country. They want to be treated equally, as stated in our very constitution and supported in faith by every major religion. A Constitution over 200 years old that we still can’t seem to live up to.
The founders of this country were not heathen fools, either. They did not ban anyone from embracing religion. They simply declared that the dealings of faith would not be the dealings of goverment. Whenever religion and government attempt to come together, they have always sought to dominate the other, resulting in the violent oppresion of all things different.
We don’t need to be told to hate anyone right now, not by the government or by you, Jerry. There are tens of thousands of people who have lost friends and lovers this week. And the idea of replacing their lost love with your version of hate just makes me sick.