I could really learn to fuckin hate these helicopyers…er helicopters. (no, I havent been drinkin. And I don’t see the pink elephants dancing in my window.)
With spelling like this it makes me wonder how I ever managed to code HTML by hand. This is why Dreamweaver is my friend.
Sara is still bogarting my music. But dispite several direct recommendations, she still refuses to listen to Boss Hog. I’ve given up being scared by all we have in common. I just accept it, and use it to torture her.
After all, Stacey and I have next to nothing in common, but have continued to drive eachother nuts for almost 12 years now. I don’t know what the qualifications are to be my friend. Apparently it involves being a pain in the ass and not taking any shit, though. The kind of people that will kick your teeth in and then drive you to the hospital.
Psychotic little bunch, we are.
God, have ya realized how much TV has degenrated? You can get just as much entertainment by watching it with the sound muted as you do with the speaker on.
There’s something bad going on in the news media lately. I’ve been trying all night to put my finger on it. I’m too tired to examine it right now though.
There’s really something to be said for listening to the city. I come home and read on my couch facing the bay window. From that angle, I can’t see the street, but you hear everything. (Ask anyone who’s ever tried to talk to me on the phone then.) People get very stupid after work. Similar to leaving a bar, they shouldn’t be allowed to drive leaving the office. They should be crowded onto the subway with all the other assholes.
Tonight it rained. I didn’t actually see it, but I can hear the difference. Sounds echo a lot further down the street. Car tires sound like they’re frying on the asphalt. And the cricket starts chirping. He only comes out after the rain. I think I may be forced to impale him on a pretzel if he doesnt shut up soon.