I’m at work today. Which means of course, I am stressed. Unreasonable clients with their oxymoronic requests. Coworkers, traffic, bills, cold weather, bad food, long hours, …
Okay. I’m pissed. One of my friends has given out my email address to spammers.
I probably have a thousand email addresses out there. I use a new one every time I sign up for a new service or newsletter, or purchase a new product online. Since I am the only owner of this domain name, they all get filtered back to me. This means, When I start getting spam, all I have to do is check the “To:” field to see what address it’s coming to, and thereby which service is selling my address (MP3.com being the worst offender). It also means if I get too much spam from that address, I can just block everything coming in at that address.
But this morning, a marketing letter arrived with my personal address on it. The address I only give out to friends and family. I don’t want this shit starting to show up there. It’s not like spam is hard to catch… the authors are usually about as subtle as a hurricane. But still…

Realistically, I don’t think anyone gave out my address. Most likely it was pinched when a friend sent me an online postcard or something. But there it is.


I finished Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Not quite as … epic as I would have expected from such a famous book. But still good. Pretty damn funny in some parts. I read those last few paragraphs, and can’t imagine how some of my friends live their life in such a haze.

Someone linked to my site. hot damn. I’ve had a web site for 7 years now. And for all i know, there may be a shitload of links to it, out there. But this is the first one I know of from a stranger (at least I don’t recognize her). From her writing, she is a college student in Pennsylvania, and much more eloquent than I am.
Much better than being linked to by webpagesthatsuck.com. (Link to stranger removed… site no longer exists. 4/20/2011)

(See … this little paragraph is here just cause you can’t end a blog with a link or it screws up your whole page).