Someone slap a piece of duct tape on George’s mouth, please.
Since the day he was elected (okay, maybe 50 days after he was barely elected), he has been a doomsayer with an awkward way of making his predictions come true.

“The economy will slow down”
“There will be a recesion.”
“We need more defenses in case we’re attacked”

“We must go to war.”
(Maybe I could get him to predict a more active sex life for me?)
It’s awfully hard to take as coincidence the fact that the economy boomed about the time the previous president was elected. And when he left, so did people’s confidence. Regardless of what you thought of the man, he inspired strong feelings. People act on strong feelings.
George was put in office by an election that showed just how apathetic people were about the candidates. Until he decided to declare a non-existant war, you couldn’t get him to take a stance on anything more vital tha boxers-or-briefs.
George, stop feeding us lines of patriotic bullshit about this slaughter (I refuse to use the word tragedy), and start actually doing something progressive for this country. When the public school system is in need of over 20 billion dollars, you give the airlines 15 billion?
Fucking hell.
Planes won’t stop flying. There is still a huge demand for it. Someone will fill it. At worst, it will force the airlines to start treating passengers like people again to get their business.
Someone want to explain to this man that the Presiden’t of the United States is the embodyment of the entire country?