Even with all my bitching about people overreacting, I notice I’ve gotten a bit jumpy. It used to be when I hear loud noises out in the city I just assumed some numbnuts smashed their car up. But I’ve caught myself straining to listen to every crash and boom in the last month.
Comments about undoubted attempts at further terrorism ain’t helpin.And quite frankly, the talking heads, and the president (the Talking Ken Doll), really need to stop mentioning them. It does no good. If you don’t think there are always efforts to attack the US, originating from inside or out, well then you’re still the same dumbass I told you that you were a few weeks ago.
*right turn*
About a year or two ago, I was talking to Sara about one of my inspirations. They hit me about once a month. Sometimes they become something great, but ussually, like in this case thus far, they fall miserably by the wayside. Anyways… in this case I was thinking about creating a newsletter/magazine. It would be distributed online in PDF format. I would (hopefully) get articles and stories contributed by people who were writing online. Cause, ya see, back then, it was still a new thing. I know maybe 5 or 6 people who were seriously writing online. (There’s still not a whole lot of serious writers online). I figured it would give the writers a chance to distribute their work, and me a chance to utilize my design skills with no client screwing it up.
My, how times have changed.I think it would be a lot harder now. Writing on the ‘Net isn’t as unique anymore. And someone stole the damn (a gram is better than a damn) name I wanted to use.
*left turn*
So I was listening to the Fastbacks on the subway today. They’re one of those bands you go back and listen to so you don’t forget how good they are. Not to mention how much better they are than listening to tourists who are scared of the automatic doors on the train cars.
Speaking of which, did you know Franconia and Springfield are pretty damn far away?