Okay people. Time to buy you a hat. Seems your brains are frozen again.

The biggest privacy concern this week is Bugs. A little unseen image that sits on a web page and *gasp* reveals all kind of information about your computer. It’s terrible because it may give out your information to people you don’t even know about.

Small detail here.

This is exactly the way every web page and every browser has ever worked. Every file you load in your web browser… every image, every text file, every sound file… every time you load one of these from a server out there on the ‘net, they have access to quite a bit of information about you. Your IP address, what you loaded, the time and date.

And something no one else has mentioned in their reviews of these bugs, they can also see where you just came from, and where you go next.

This is the way it has always been people. This is akin to being shocked that someone is reading a billboard you put up.

The more in depth articles point out that someone could pass ‘cookie’ information on to the bug owner this way. Of course, if you have taken any time to learn about the web browser you are using, you probably set it not to return cookies to anyone except the person who set them. Otherwise you do stand a chance of broadcasting private information to god knows who.

Don’t be stupid people. I know it’s what you’re good at, but still…