You fucking wimps.
(These particular morons live in Stratton, Ohio, but I speak to every person who lets shit like this happen.)
The reader’s digest version: Stratton, OH requires all people going door-to-door to get a permit from the town hall. To do so they must give their names and addresses and affiliation with the cause for the last five years.
You need a law to protect you from what? Someone talking to you? These kind of laws are why people can sue for mental distress. You have no right to where they can and cannot evangalize or promote. You know what your right is?
To slam the fucking door in their face.
I heartily recommend you practice this as frequently as possible. If you don’t like someone, don’t listen. It doesn’t even require any effort. It is a complete lack of effort (something americans tend to be pretty good at).
I don’t care if it is meant to protect you from fraud. You can only be defrauded if you let it happen. Use your mind for once. And telling people they have to register their name and religious affiliation in order to evangalize is blatently unconstitutional and pretty damn scarey.
If you can’t stand the real world, go home, lock the door, draw the curtians, and start watching Springer. But don’t expect laws to preserve your piece of mind.