French say U.S. Yahoo ruling poses extremism risk
How soon before the first war starts over Internet content? I don’t think it will be pretty, wether it’s fought with bullets or bytes.
For now, no. You can’t allow a country to have any authority over the content on a web site not based in their jurisdiction. There is no governing body that could possible oversee such ttthings. And it would be insane for any single web site to try and meet the requirements of every sovern nation on earth.
And on a side note, god bless america. Home of the racists, maniacs, republicans, and perverts. We honor our freaks, providing then a public pulpit to hang themselves with their own words.
Suppression has never worked. France with all their anti-incitement laws, still has a worse skinhead problem than the US. Remember these are the same people that discussed restricting American television broadcasts in France because it was corrupting their language.