Health group targets Coke over Harry Potter
Okay. I hate big corporations as much as your next wannabe hippie redneck. But attacking Coca-Cola over their partnership with Harry Potter?
Please just pull your head out of your ass and say what you want, damnit. This is blatant opportunism to exploit their message with what is bound to be the biggest entertainment spectacle of the year.
Coca-Cola of all companies is not the devil. This is a company that sells drinks. Shitloads of drinks. Second only to the drinks, if even that far back, they sell an Americana image. Mom, apple pie, and all that jazz. Considering the tactics, marketing campaigns, and ethics of most corporations out there, this virtually makes Coke the Mother Teresa of the business world (with Ben and Jerry’s being the Pope, of course).
Forget the issue of who might sponsor the movie at all.
Has anyone from the CSPI been to a movie theatre in the last 20 years? You’d have to be blindfolded and dead to walk through a theatre’s lobby and not see a Coke advertisement, right along side every cholesterol-filled, cancer-causing substance known to man, in the form of candy bars and fake melted butter.
Yup, kids eat too much junk food. I alone kept several Chex Mix factories in business while I was in college.
Did ya see what I said there? I said “I”. I did a nasty little thing. I took responsibility for what I put in my body. I took responsibility for what I spent my money on. And when I was younger, my parents took that responsibility.
We’ll surely be arrested soon for blasphemy.