It’s more than a little fucking sick that with almost every charity in North America suffering severe cutbacks, people are complaining about the money New York City families will recieve if they were involved in the world trade center.
It’s sick.
Absolutly no money will make up for the actual loss of a person.
And yet in all likelyhood, most of the survivors annd families are going to be millionaires once they collect all their checks. And still people are complaining it isnt enough.
Well fuck you.
We aren’t here to rebuild your lives for you. We aren’t here to make you feel good again. All anyone could do is support those in trouble while they rebuild their own lives.
There are people out there every day losing family and friends to murder, starvation, illness, and accidents. None of it is fair.None of them will be driving away from the funeraal in a limo though.
Get over being a victim. If you aren’t strong enough to rebuild your own life, how will you help those around you? As if you cared.