I’ve really got to thank PETA for showing us all that stupidity is it’s own reward.
In case you haven’t met these people, they are basically the Keystone Cops of the animal rights movement, constantly finding the most ridiculous method of protesting animal cruelty.
Yes, I actually had a former employee of PETA tell me they were going to send a complaint to McDonalds because there was a tray of roasted chicken in one of their ads.
I can’t remember exactly where this took place; I just heard the story on the radio this morning. But some town in the midwest, I believe, holds a fairly regular deer culling, to thin the heards before snowfall in hopes of preventing starvation.
Obviously PETA was hot over this. Since all the hunters involved are required to wear those orange field jackets that make them look like construction cones, PETA decided to capture and release about 400 deer, after attaching orange jackets to them. The idea being, that the hunters would think twice about shooting anything in orange.
However, despite what Deliverance might teach you, not all hunters are braindead hicks. And the hunters were armed with shotguns, which required them to hunt from close range. So they had no trouble discerning deer from man.
And with a local shop keeper offering rewards for the return of the jackets, especially with bullet holes in them…
well, lets just say there won’t be any starving deer in one town in the MidWest this winter.