New Times Broward Palm-Beach unravels the abiding mystery of Youree Cleomili Harris, or possibly Youree Dell Harris, a/k/a Miss Cleo. Here’s an interesting nugget: Callers to her Psychic Hotline get instantly “upgraded” to “preferred customer” status, which allows them to dial in to a different number for consultations. That number turns out to include “the AT&T access code for (the Republic of Niue), a tiny coral island in the South Pacific that has become a nexus for high-priced phone schemes.” Calls there ring in at as much as $7.53 per minute and end up routed to a service center in decidely un-exotic Omaha, Nebraska, and then to independent subpsychics around the country. So– Wait a minute. You mean the whole thing’s a scam???

— Blather

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