Hot Air
You’ve got to hand it to the Shrub. He must have balls the size of watermelons. It would take at least that much to make thse demands.
First he officially withdraws the United States from the Kyoto Protocals; the first major environmental treaty agreed upon by every major industrial nation in the world.
Then he goes back to Japan with his own idea of what should be used as environmental policy.
And this policy doesn’t even fix a damn thing. It only seeks to curb growth of toxic emissions.
Would this Kyoto Protocals have put a great deal of pressure specifically on the U.S.? Yes. Have we earned it through wholesale environmental massacre? Yes. Even if we hadn’t earned it, shouldn’t we try to be the bigger man, and set the standard for others to follow? Yes.
We’re not talking about smog here. We’re talking about the eventual death of the human race, and potentially all life on this planet. And we’re not talking about “if”, but “when”.
We know the causes. (We were the causes). It takes a real jackass to sell out the planet’s future because he wants to get re-elected.