The de-Christianization of America is different from mass immigration. They?re coming into a country whose institutions no longer enforce a certain morality. They?re coming into a country, half of which is deeply secularized and says keep your language and your separate institutions and your ethnic entitlements. And the other half is deeply traditional. It?s not just that they?re coming into a country that?s bifurcated. They?re bringing beliefs and ideas and languages in such enormous numbers that that alone would make it far more difficult to assimilate.

— Patrick Buchanan
Why is Pat Buchanan still around? What religion does this man represent? What church does he preach at? Who ordained him?
This man will use any ploy, misrepresent any fact, spin any tale, simply to …
to …
I don’t know. What’s his point? What is he working towards?
He espouses a desire for a more Christian world. And he has all the trappings of a patriotic American. But his narrow, ill-conceieved view of these environments makes me think he is simply in love with his own voice.
I believe he is a very learned man, (though i wouldn’t go so far as to say intelligent). He speaks well, and knows how to spin almost any point to his advantage.
He could be a great leader if he wanted; I’m sure. It’s too bad for him that his head never stays out of his ass long enough to gain much of a following.
This entire interview of hsi is baased upon two flawed facts.
The first one is easy: English. It is not the national language of the United States. It just so happens it is the most commonly used language. Whatever language(s) are in widespread use in this country should be recognized, and not suppressed. By virtue of it’s own momentum, English is the language of business and international power and trade. Any group of people so dedicated to their own cultural sovereignty that they refused to add English as even a secondary language — they will be left behind. This is a very reasonable argument. Unfortunatly, it isn’t the one Robertson chose to make.
Secondly, Pat Robertson seems to have trouble with the word “assimilation”. I believe he has confused it with ‘obliteration’.
This land, from it’s very founding as colonial properties, has been a haven for any person to come and be themself, when they most often cannot be in their original homes. Pilgrims come here to practice their own religion. Haitains come here to live freely without an opressive govermment. A collection of farmers fought here to be able to have control over their own lives and commerce.
We have accepted refugees from every country on earth. We have reached out and help countries being overrun by madmen with ideas of superior races in their minds.
But Pat Buchanan seems to believe that this country cannot survive unless each persons cultural heritage and person beliefs are surrendered to the good of the state. That diversity is the biggest threat to America.
Assimilation, Mr. Buchanan, is not the process of taking something in and utterly subornitaing it to the current standard. That is obliteration. Assimmilation is taking in the new, and adding it to yourself, so that you are something more than you were before.
So we have room for all new ideas, Pat. But your ideas aren’t new. Ignorance and bigotry are very old, and very tired.