This is a time for bigger men.
Without bigger men, there will be no final outcome from this conflict in the Middle East.
Say the US sticks to it’s standard of supporting Isreal no matter what. What if every Western nation supported Isreal. It wouldn’t take much of an effort at all for Isreal to wipe Palestein from history and the planet.
However, the minute Isreal declares war, it signs away the lives of millions of it’s own people. Every Arab nation in the region — all of which have been amassing weapons and troops in the general vicinity of Isreal — will come across that border and they aren’t going to stop. If there’s one people Sadam Hussein hates more than Americans and Kurds, it’s the Isrealies.
But what if we went the other way. Could we find some way to justify palestinian actions and side with them, against Isreal? Could western civilization overcome their 60 year old guilt-trip long enough to bitch-slap Isreal and tell them they better start playing nice with their neighbors because they aren’t going to be bailed out any more?
I don’t see it happening.
So we either do the impossible, or we watch one state commit hari-kari by destroying a nation.
Or will this be the time of bigger men?