Cindy vs. Julia

It is a bit of a running joke in my family, that around the holidays, whenever someone asks what I would like, I always tell them “Cindy Crawford” or “Julia Roberts”. How I’ve managed to make it this long without receiving a life size cutout or blow-up doll of one of these women is beyond me.
I must say, that if I am forced to choose between the two, Cyndi has just climbed the ladder a few notches. I caught a clip of her on television licking her own nose.
There is a great potential for talent in a woman like this.

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  1. Spleeness

    I love your blog! And this is an interesting post. The problem with stating those celebs, to me, is that it would make me not even want to attempt a date, thinking, wow, I am so far off that mark, there’s no way he’d like me! (or *stay* interested, another thought in the back of my mind.) So don’t say this in front of chicks! Unless, of course, they *are* that hot. Lol

  2. Sorry… you got lost in the Spam for a few days.
    Ya gonna try and tell me you don’t have some fantasy man/men?
    I have a nasty tendency to be surrounded by beautiful women. So I should be safe. But feel free to smack me if you see me saying something particularly stupid.

  3. not to mention, that post was like… 7 years old. 🙂

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