There is a beautiful idea taught in classrooms across the country that the founding leaders of this country where men who believed in equality for all, and that every man was your brother.
It’s very pretty. And very wrong. The government, as it was set up then, very much protected the rights of wealthy individuals from the “Mob”, as the majority of the poor and ignorant were known. There is no direct election of the president. There was no direct election of the Senate. The Supreme Court is appointed by the President. Of the three branches of the federal government, only seventeen percent were even marginally elected directly by the whole of the people (barring slaves of course). Even then, the elected officials were more likely to be mmen of a certian class.
It is now 2002.
1. The Secretary of State advises all government agencies to resist Freadom of Information Act requests. We wouldn’t want people being able to oibtain some information perfectly legally.
2. Director of Homeland Defense, who is third in power of the Executive branch, behind only the President and his Chief of Staff, refuses to testify publicly before congress, stateing he will only do so in closed hearings. (When did this become a homeland? Maybe more on this later.)
3. The Shrub issues an Executive Order that all presidential documents and communications are the property of the President’s estate. This violates so many laws it isn’t even funny.
This is a man who know’s he will not be in office for a second term.
Keep watching, out there in TV land. You don’t think he’s done trying to protect ‘them’ from the Mob yet, do you?