How not to be my friend.

A note to all salespeople, on how not to be my friend.
When you come in to my job trying to sell us new telecommunication service, I will very likely not be interested, since I have sat through too many of those presentations, and been screwed over by too many ignorant salespeople.
Even so, I will politely tell you that we are not looking for any new service at the time, but that you can take our card and let us know about any new products or promotions you have, by mail.
At this point you ask me if I am really authorized to make decisions about my companies telecommunications service, or would the owner have the final say.
Dispite the fact you are being an obnoxious prick, I will tell you that the owner and I jointly make those decisions.
After you ask me if I’m sure, I will politely show you the door and walk away.
At this point you, the salesperson, will turn to the receptionist and ask if I was really the person authorized to be making decisions about the company’s telecommunications service. Since she is much more tolerant than I am, she will again tell you that I am that person.
We’ll all laugh at you after your gone.
Then, an hour later, you will call up the owner directly, and ask him if I have the authority to make such decisions, or if you, the salesperson, can deal with the owner directly.
Thankfully, the owner is a relatively intelligent and nice guy, and I’m sure he politely told you to fuck off.
This is how not to be my friend.

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  1. I knew I raised a “polite” son! Thanks for a good laugh!

  2. Fred Smith

    This is good….

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