Web surfers brace for pop-up downloads
No this won’t be abused.
has nayone given thought to the reason why advertising doesn’t work as well anymore. Every week there are stories of new methods of advertising online.
If you need a new method every week, there is something inherently wrong with the way you’re going about things. Or else people just plain are not interested in your product no matter what gimmik you use to try and sell it.
What disturbs me is that we are going to end up with the cableTV model eventually. We’ll be paying for access to sites that we find useful, and still subjected to intrucive advertising.
Personally, I have found a very old fashioned method to block 95% of all online advertising. Am I going to advertise what it is? Hellllllllllll no.
If it got popular, some ad company would find a hack around it.
And in case you’re keeping track, this article doesn’t mention the fact that Gator companies software that is downloaded automatically to your machine, wether you want it or not, was founf last year to be storing your personal internet information and sending it back to Gator. They only stopped it once the public found out.