The FBI geometry course

“Luke J. Helder, the 21-year-old college student arrested in connection with a spate of mailbox pipe bombings, has admitted that he manufactured and planted the explosive devices, the FBI said Wednesday.’

What no one seems to be mentioning here is how wrong the FBI profilers were in this case. They weren’t only wrong, their profile of the suspect was nearly the exact opposite of the man now said to have confessed.
The FBI released a profile just a few days ago, describing the suspect as an ‘older american male’, who most likely had a previous career as a traveling lone worker, such as a mailman. This was supposedly reinforced by what was being called a circular pattern to the bomb placements.
The use of the adjective ‘circular’ left me scratching myself, since the map I was looking at looked pretty straight and flat.
The man currently in custody is a 21 year old college student who plays in a band. He was openly anti-establishment. Far from doing anything in a circle, short of his future nighttime activities in prison, he was actually driving across the country.
Hey… you gotta hand it to the FBI… they had the ‘male’ part correct.

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  1. I heard the ‘circular ‘ pattern he was trying to create was actually a ‘ smiley face ‘.
    Too funny.

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