Man… it hasn’t even been

Man… it hasn’t even been 24 hours since I read the first article on how Universal and Sony will start selling unprotected digital music online.
And already the walls are shaking, and cracks are appearing.
I just finished a suspiciously timely article about how when Disney broke ranks with the other major movie studios and started selling their movies to be broadcast on Television in the early days of broadcasting, it broke the studios resolve and they all started offering their products up for sale. Of course, this resulted and still results in massive new amounts of income for the studios.
The New Scientist has an article that speculates movie studios may start abandoning copy protection on their DVDs, since the copyprotection is likely costing more than it is worth. I say this was a test ballon, to see how well a Movie like Harry Potter, which should rack in millions, fares when people are able to copy it from their neighbors.
The same site features articles (1, 2) on some already well documented stories like Panasonic (the owner of the copyright on Compact Disc technology) being unhappy with copy-protected CDs, and the ease of breaking most copy protection schemes.
I feel like I’m living in Jericho, and somebody just started playing the horn.
(Did you catch the musical reference there… damn I’m good!)

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  1. Yes, you are ! ;o)

  2. you’re just feeding my ego.

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