Do I go to jail for listening to my neighbors radio?

I swear to anything you hold holy, they get more stupid all the time.

  1. Do the record companies believe they will engender any sympathy, support, or even respect for their fight by suing and/or jailing individuals?
  2. Will the make annnnnnnyyyy money off these lawsuits? No? You say they are just trying to get a message across? See point A.

Does anyone else find it way too coincidental that shortly after Universal Vivendi announced they would pull their ass out of the dark ages and start distributing their music in the format people have been asking for for years, that they are forced to declare bankruptcy? That this new initiative of theirs would have gone directly against the goals and aims of the RIAA?

Does every member of the RIAA still take pride in their membership? Or has this organization become the stuff of science fiction stories? The beast that emerges from the collective consciousness of its constituents, so powerful it can no longer be controlled by those member parts.

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  1. heh. i hadn’t even made that connection.
    i think NOT.

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