Fuck the RIAA

“The Recording Industry Association of America’s Web site was unreachable over the weekend due to a denial-of-service attack.
“The apparently deliberate overload rendered the RIAA.org site unavailable for portions of four days and came after the group endorsed legislation to allow copyright holders to disrupt peer-to-peer networks.
“”Don’t they have something better to do during the summer than hack our site?” asked the RIAA representative, who asked not to be identified. “Perhaps it at least took 10 minutes away from stealing music.””

This has all the maturity of a junior high girl complaining how boys act.

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  1. The RIAA are just a bunch of whiny snobs who are worried about us downloading music, yet they don’t even think about lessening the prices of cds. I’m glad they got their site hacked, and I would love to shake the hand(s) of the person(s) who did such a thing. Ooo, 10 minutes away from “stealing” music, well it doesn’t make a bit of difference because not only was the hacker possibly downloading files as well but millions of people were around that time. They say we’re stealing music but they are stealing our money with the crappy prices they put up for cds. They better start learning that if it wasn’t for us consumers they wouldn’t even be around, and if they keep up their recent attitude they will eventually go out of business. At this point in time, I hope they do because it’s exactly what they deserve.

  2. yes fuck em, fuck em in the ass

  3. BonerBoner

    Fuck the RIAA, and fuck Metallica and their butt-buddy Dr. Dre.

  4. fuck the riaa

    remember, the british tried to tax us and say we were stealing from the king. Let’s take this stuck up bunch of rich ass holes and have our own boston tea party on their asses!!!

  5. Kuo_Tsung

    FUCK THE RIAA. Those motherfuckers. Fuck em. Fuck those punk ass bitches trying to sue common people just to get a $1 cuz they can’t come up with good music. You motherfuckers I hope yall burn in hell. We need a http://www.fucktheriaa.com website!

  6. StaticEnZ

    The RIAA (Rich Irratating Anti Americans) are fucking lame ass Communist fucks. Back in the days before technology, people performed. If you enjoyed their performance, you supported them monitarily.
    Music is an art form. If people like it, it should be up to them as to whether they would like to pay the artist. No where is it written that just because you make a few songs that some people might enjoy, your entitled to caviar and 5 Lexus trucks.
    Intelectual property rights were meant to protect artists from making money off of something they made.
    What about VCR’s? Do they plan on outlawing those as well? After all I can record movies off of HBO and lend them to my friends. Cassette recorders? How about Tivo?
    This is about more than the IRAA’s desire to compensate artists and more about destroying the very thread that makes America great. FREEDOM.

  7. Fuck the fucking cocksucking RIAA

    RIAA suck my balls
    hope they really really fall
    aw fuck i can;t rhyme; anyway fuck these pieces of shit; let them all fucking burn in hell;
    FUCK them like you’ve never fucked them before; and fuck em good. anyway that’s what i have to say. thanku

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