“A federal appeals court refused Monday to halt a program to expose new students at the University of North Carolina to information about the Koran.

“Attorneys for a conservative Christian group on Friday had asked the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond to stop Monday’s discussion sessions of a book that interprets the Islamic holy text. Members of the Virginia-based Family Policy Network and three unidentified UNC-Chapel Hill freshmen contended the assignment was unconstitutional.”

Yup. There’s no surer way to end a period of great social upheaval and strife than by trying to stop people from understanding the very basis of the greatest misunderstanding.
It is an extreme interpretation of the Qur’an which leads many people to do stupid things. So the best idea some Tipper Gore wanna-be can come up with is to stop students from reading said document in hopes of understanding the roots of the issue?!
Man, I didn’t know these lawyers were done with the case against teaching evolution in schools. It’s no wonder this is a nation of culturally ignorant and intellectually stagnant rednecks.