I really wanted to go see Meg Lee Chin‘s show last night at Jaxx. I could get out there via cab and subway. But the subway closes down long before most clubs.
The owner was a great guy though. Offered to get me a ride back into town after the show, with one of his employees.
So I went out there last night.
The pigfucker didn’t even show up for work. None of his employees had anything good to say about him. (He has missed two appointments with Washington Post photographers this week alone).
So I hopped in a cab to catch the subway just as meg was setting up on stage.

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    I live less than a block from that venue and seeing as parking is a premium unless you get there super early. I park in the normal developments without the townhouses. Make sure you do it in front of a darkened house and walk up. Sure its a little trek but if you want to go see ANY show here, this is the only way to do so.
    Its no wonder they are having trouble staying in business and need to book 10 bands a night in order to have a show in the first place!

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