So I bought a cool new backpack for traveling, about 2 months ago. “Made by the company that produces Swiss Army Watches.” and all. It is very cool looking, holds a ton, and is very very comfortable and strong. (I packed 5 days worth of clothes, a camera and tripod, reading material for the plane, and several gifts in it for my first trip with it).
I admit… I splurged. But it came just as I finished paying off my loan, and I was treating myself (among other things). Cost me about $85. On clearance from $129.
Not bad.
So I was walking through Pentagon Fashion Center (read: the mall) today. Passed some wannabe-ultra-high-class luggage store; Bentley’s or some thing. And instantly recognized the same bag in there, along with several others in the ‘line’.
That sonnovabitch was marked “down” to $285 from a MSRP of $465.
Anyone wanna buy a slightly used bag?