“Stephanie Bell, a fourth-grade teacher at Williams Elementary School, taught the word "niggardly" to her class last week in an effort to improve her students’ vocabularies.

Now, a parent wants her fired.

Although the word means stingy, Akwana Walker said it was inappropriate to use it because it sounds similar to a racial slur.”

Wilmington Star
People have such terminally short memories.
There is a now old argument that my generation may be the first to do worse than it’s parent’s. (this was before the 1990s of course). But it seems to me the children would be a lot better off if it weren’t for such ignorant parents.

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  1. i guess this means that calling any icky, unnameable substance gook has to stop, too, right?
    that was awful i know, but it’s the same argument.
    people. dumb. scary.

  2. Don’t screw up your bicycle chain or you will piss off all of China.

  3. Guitarcase

    A channel 17 Sunday morning talking heads discussion program took the obvious slanted position that a teacher was wrong in teaching the word niggardly in class. Another word could have been taught was the position taken by one of the clown hosts. Let’s see, it was ok to discuss it on television, but not in the classroom. That makes a lot of sense. Let’s censor education.

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