“When 15-year-old Katie Sierra wore T-shirts bearing this version of the American pledge as well as other sayings that showed her opposition to the war in Afghanistan, teachers and students at her West Virginia High School were outraged. Some students of Sissonville High School allegedly threatened to give Katie a taste of “West Virginia justice”. The school’s principal, Forrest Mann, suspended Katie for three days and forbid her to wear the controversial shirts, saying that her behavior was “disrupting school activity.”

On the morning of Oct. 23, 2001, Katie asked Mann if she could start an anarchy club, so that like-minded or curious students could gather, have reading and discussion groups and do community service. She’d spent all weekend working on a Constitution and Manifesto for the club. “This anarchist club will not tolerate hate or violence,” says her Manifesto. “It is our final goal to dispel myths about anarchism, especially the belief that anarchy is chaos and destruction.”

Forrest Mann didn’t look at her literature before rendering his decision that he would not permit such a club in his school. Katie asked him to read the documents, and though he agreed to read them later he said that he wouldn’t change his mind. “

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That’s American schools people… home of theweak and land of the depraved. Their administrators make rush limbough look like a pot smoking peacenik. And they’re teaching your children.