Boy Scouts kick out avowed atheist

The Seattle Times
Okay… not one reporter who has written about this story seems to know anything about the boy scouts, really.
The guy is an eagle scout. End of the line for boy scouts. He’s effectively done. To get to this stage, you have gone through no less than 5 “boards of review”, including what should be a very thorough one that usually specifically touches on the religion issue to get his Eagle rank.
Which means one of two things:
He either blatantly lied multiple times when confronted with this issue, which makes me question his ethics more than any belief in religion.
He was reviewed by people who either never checked his beliefs before or at the time chose to ignore it, which would really make me wonder why they chose to bring it up now, when you cannot do anything to this scout in particular.
He has his Eagle and all the training, skills, and recognition that goes with it. I would have told the Boy Scouts where to stick it.

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  1. i’m being lazy and not reading the article: but i heard this kid on NPR last week. while i don’t necessarily agree with his personal reasons for being atheistic, i think it’s pretty cool he dug his heels in.
    he mentioned in the interview, though that he’d said, clearly in all of his reviews before becoming an Eagle Scout that he was in fact an atheist and none of the boards seemed to care, so he didn’t much understand why it was such an issue now.

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