Walmart wedding

okay…who the fuck goes shopping for their engagement ring at Walmart?

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    MISSOULA — The nuptials of Ford Lund and Rae Bauer was strictly a company affair – a Wal-Mart wedding.
    “We met here, we work here, we bought our cake here and our rings. Wal-Mart is our family,” said Lund.
    Lund, 74, and Bauer, 48, met as co-workers in the garden department. Their wedding Saturday was on the lawn in front of the store. Fellow employees, granted a special break to attend, cheered and applauded when the newlyweds kissed.
    Then the couple had their wedding photos taken at the store’s portrait studio.
    “They met at Wal-Mart, and basically their whole relationship is based on Wal-Mart,” said Andrea Bauer, bridesmaid and daughter of the bride.
    “This couldn’t have happened to two better people,” said store manager Bill Smith. “They care about the other associates in the store and either one of them would help anyone out.”
    A wedding at Wal-Mart just seemed like the perfect fit.
    Like most weddings, the day was not without its difficulties. “We lost the rings, and we are still not sure where they are at,” said Bauer.
    Someone from their Wal-Mart family quickly loaned them rings so they could complete the ceremony.

  2. It’s wonderful they are both great people. I worked with them both..

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