Why do we do stupid shit?
Why do I buy a bath tub mat? Because my bath tub is made out of a material that stains too easily. If we have the ability to make a silky shirt that is essentially bullet proof, I don’t believe for a second they can’t make a bathtub that won’t stain if I don’t scrub it every week.
I buy one more thing, cause something else I’m already paying for doesn’t do what it probably should, but I accept that.
It’s true that my landlord would probably be upset if i ripped out my shower. And I probably ought to be thrilled that they’re replacing the beautiful granite lobby with a beautiful marble lobby.
But it’s one more stone in the foundation of me wanting to be…
It’s not self hatred or self improvement. I am already pretty damn good, thank you. And I’m getting better all the time.
Consider it a loathing of humanity in general. You’re average participant in my view of life couldn’t think their way out of a wet paper bag. One too many times, I’ve walked down the left side of a nearly empty 20-foot-wide sidewalk only to have the person coming from the opposite direction step into the street to ensure they could pass me on their right. Because my feet were essentially frozen in place yesterday, I was forced to listen to an activist explain how the funds we intend to use for war should be spent on helping our enemies instead; that these problems would go away if only we’d improve their education and help them develop their cultures. (If you ain’t got Tivo, you ain’t nothin’). Please, get your world view from someplace other than reruns of M*A*S*H. I stood in a crowd yesterday that literally stretched for , but the Post told me today there were “tens of thousands” of people there.
You are all diseased and inbred. If not physically, then intellectually. Not only do you all read and listen to the same sound-bite news-stories, but you don’t even care how often they are revealed to be lying to you.
If you haven’t asked “why?” to anything in as long as you can remember, then please, get out of my way because I trying to evolve.