I would like to congratulate Dell on making a move that Apple computer made only 5 years ago, by removing floppy drives from their new computers. Or more precisely, phasing them out. So only 7 years after floppies were truly obsolete has the first major IBM-compat manufacturer started dropping them.
Of course, the article I read this announcement in was actually more blatantly an advert for USB key drives. Forgetting that it was misleading and highly questionable, it was a Yahoo ‘news’ story, so what did I really expect.
(I haven’t bothered linking to the Yahoo article, because their articles only stay online for about a week).
Do USB key drives have more momentum than CD drives? Damn right. Now you wanna mention why? You know… CD technology has been around for over a decade. The market is essentially supersaturated. Whereas the key drives are so new, that despite being a geek, I don’t know anyone who’s actually bought one. They’re horribly overpriced still, and are only good if you know you’ll get the drive back, or simply need it for personal use.
I’m keeping my CD-RW.