Two more songs for the soundtrack…
Divebomber by Pigface
American Hero by Scotland Yard
You know there are some pissed off Christian fanatics in Disneyland this week.
I got my hard drive the day before my trip. With the help of some beautiful shareware (1,2), I had cloned my entire 30 gig internal drive within an hour and a half. And the incremental backups since then have taken only about 5 minutes each.
There’s $110 I truly hope I’m wasting.
More and more, I think this city may not be the place for me any longer. I know by now I cannot travel anywhere without some sense of frustration or displacement upon my return.
I sat in the hotel one night in San Angelo flipping channels, and came across a speech from the Senate floor. Considering the hive mentality in DC, you can’t help but see that almost every night on the news here. But sitting there, with a little perspective and a lot of relaxation, it struck me hard just how … anachronistic… it all is. Some truly ancient man in a suit that surely hung in Grover Cleveland’s closet, giving a speech that no one with the least interest in reality could possibly care about, in a room that hasn’t been remodeled since god knows. The wooden creak of this mans movements and the soma induced expression on his face… you just know he had not had contact with reality in many decades.
And much of this town revolves around these men. No matter how hard I try, I just don’t care about them. And they quite obviously don’t care about me. I have no vote there anyway. I received a mailer from my only representative there, yesterday. It well communicated the message: “Unless you’re black, poor, on drugs, and interested in buying a house in the slums, get the fuck out”
I’m not going into the status of work, since that has been well covered before.
bah… I’ll finish this later…