Last year, I posted a comment on the story of the RIAA’s website being hacked and their public response to it.
Since that time, it has become one of the most commented-on items on my site. All from strangers. All from people I doubt have read anything else I’ve written. I’m actually yanking these people’s chains a bit, with the title of this entry. I figure it should draw them in again.
But before any of you get pissed or stop reading, you gave me the time before … do it again.
I do love the sight of people questioning ‘big business’. To see people excited to the point of advocacy and action about ANYTHING anymore is great.
But you gotta stop being such ignorant cusses.
The most common complaint against RIAA members, both on my entry and in general, is that they have so much money, that it’s ridiculous for them to complain about some kids downloading a couple songs.
Stupid, stupid, stupid.
If there’s one thing people on the bottom have fought for, for hundreds of years, is that laws should apply equally, no matter how rich you are. Just because ‘they’ have a lot of money doesn’t mean shit. It doesn’t make it right to steal from them. It doesn’t automatically make them bad people. The very fact you can read this shitty writing of mine means you are better off, economically and educationally than the majority of the people on earth. But do you think it’s right for little bobby who sits on the stoop downtown each evening with his grandmother to come into your home and take whatever he feels like?
Stop picturing youuselves as Robin Hood. All anyone ever remembers that story is “He stole from the rich and he gave to the poor”. But every version I’ve ever read or seen says he stole from the king who was unfairly taxing the people.
Several people were quite patriotic in their rants against the record companies. They described how un-american their activities were, and recommended some old fashion revolutionary solutions.
I don’t think there is a much more American industry than the recording industry. They take an intangible commodity, package it in pretty colors, and sell it to you for the highest profit they can get. They’ll use any means they can to ensure those profits. Like it or not, that’s the American way.
Someone called for a “Boston Tea Party on their ass”. That person was so close, and yet so far from a good idea. The surest way to get a company’s attention is to stop buying their product, and then let them know what youu are unuhappy about with it. Organize boycotts. Organize CD burnings because the quality of the music sucks.
You all need to stay in school too, ’cause you still have a lot to learn. Money and art are not seperated by government, morals, or ethics. Since money was first invented, it has tied itself inextricably up with art. The first European banking family, the DiMedicis, were among the most generous backers of art in history. The Christian church has funded arts for nearly 2000 years. Art is something that is bought and paid for, either by commissions, self-funding, sales, or donations.
The people playing or singing on the street corner are not there because they like music. They’re there because that’s where people are who will give them money. If they just liked music, they can sing at home.
Someone today asked why organizations like the RIAA don’t attack cassette recorders, VCRs, and digital recorders. Well… they do! What you’re doing with your VCR and casette recorder are illegal. Look up the betamax case sometime.
Intellectual property rights — copyrights, since we’re dealing with a creative medium — were intended to benefit the artist and allow them to make a living off their efforts. And in modern times, it is perfectly legal and proper that they may sign those benefits over to another person or company.
I’ve worked as a type of artist for the last seven years. While the majority of people are more than willing to pay you for uwhatever efforts youu may exert on their behalf, I am happy to have the legal protections for what I do. Companies and people lie, cheat, and steal. They ask youu to create something for them, only to have it finished by a cut rate hack. They claim to be unhappy with work in progress or a finished piece, and decide they don’t think they should have to pay for it. (Try that with your car mechanic). Some people just ouutright steal what we’ve done.
But right now, if the company I work for goes out of business, or I drop dead from too many pints of Ben and Jerry’s, then I really don’t have a need for too much money. Paying for my own burial/remains would be nice. But I really don’t need that additional 75 or so years on the end of my copyright. My wife and kids, you say? My wife damn well better have a job of her own. I am not Mr. Donna Reed.
Don’t attack the record companies because their rich. Don’t attack em because they’re selling art. Don’t attack em because they seek to enforce existing laws.
Attack them because they lie. Attack them because they create artificial scarcities. Attack them because they don’t give the customer what they want. Attack them because their product sucks ass. Attack them for getting ridiculous new laws passed. Attack them because they treat you like a (credit card) number. Attack them for not innovating. Attack them for lowering the standards for culture. Attack them.
The record companies are businesses. Most of them could care less about the artform. They will do whatever it takes to get every last dollar you have in your wallet. If you want any chance of recognizing their deceit and educating your fellow man, you have to be smarter than them to begin with. This penny-ante crap; faux-patriotism; poorlittleme shit has to go. Nobody cares that you wear black. Nobody cares that you cuss like a Tourets patient. If you don’t offer an intelligent, serious threat to the existing situation… then you’re just another problem.